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Effortlessly sync groups between Slack and Google

Tired of manually managing groups on both Google and Slack? Your solution is here.

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Create, Delete, and Sync

GroupSync will automatically create and delete groups in your destination account as well as add and remove members of groups in order to match your source account.

Sync Both Ways

Sync from Slack to Google, or from Google to Slack.

Filter: Exclude Groups

Exclude groups that you would not like to sync.

Instant Preview

See a preview of what GroupSync will do before you sync. This lets you fine-tune your configuration to make sure you exclude any sensitive groups before you sync.

Recommended Actions

GroupSync automatically diffs your groups and recommends actions.

Preview Changes

See what happens to your groups before you sync.


Sync your groups once, or keep it running in the background forever.
GroupSync is easy, cheap, and reliable.

Sync Once
Sync all users in all groups, one time
Instant sync
Unlimited groups
Unlimited users
One-time purchase
Sync Groups Now
Invoices and receipts available immediately
Background Sync
Keep your groups synced 24/7/365
per user/mo
Real-time sync
Unlimited groups
Unlimited users
Usage-based billing
Usage-based billing. If your groups don't change, you pay $0.
Sync Groups Forever
Invoices and receipts available immediately

About Me

Hi, I’m Lev Dubinets

I am a Head of Engineering at a fintech company and for years I manually managed Slack and Google groups as my teams evolved. Finally, I put my engineering skills to use and built an app to automate this task.

My background in engineering spans 10+ years across companies large and small and one of the top CS universities in the world. I love building products and I hope GroupSync is as useful for you as it is for me!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an example of what gets synced?

Sure! If you have a Slack group called @engineers with three people, GroupSync will create a Google Group with those same three people. You can then email, add that alias to a calendar, and do anything else you'd normally do with a Google Group or email.

You can also sync from Google to Slack, in which case GroupSync would look at and create an @engineers Slack group with the same members, which you can use in Slack however you see fit.

If a group already exists on  both platforms, GroupSync will add/remove members to ensure that the group membership is the same on both ends.

What's the best way to onboard to GroupSync with a large amount of users?

If you sign up for the Background Sync plan, GroupSync will immediately sync all your groups over. For some customers with many users, this can come with a high cost. I recommend doing a One-Time Sync initially, and then immediately after signing up for the Background Sync.

Can I use GroupSync to sync Google Calendar memberships?

If you use Google Calendar to have a team calendar, you can simply add your email to any calendar or meeting invite, and have GroupSync manage the group itself. This is exactly how I use GroupSync, and what I built it for!

Can I use GroupSync to sync Slack channel membership?

Not yet, but this is commonly requested and coming soon.

Can I see a demo?

I really should record a demo, but to be honest, it takes less than a minute to sign up and see a preview. You won't be charged to see a sync preview, so just click "Sync your groups" in the top right and sign up :)

Ready to sync your groups?